Discover your absolute value

unleash your potential, and remove all the limits!

Meet Greg

Greg Ordway is a writer, serial entrepreneur, real estate magnate, dynamic speaker and family man. By sharing his amazing, entrepreneurial journey, Greg leads others to discover and live from their own personal value, where they are the most productive, the most energized and the most fulfilled. His first book, Finding Your Absolute Value, is a must-read, and his seminars and speaking engagements are not to be missed.

Finding Your Absolute Value

Explore your inner self, find the hidden gems, and then, while on your way to success and fulfillment, find the hidden gems in others! What you need to go to the next level is already inside of you!

In Finding Your Absolute Value, you’ll unleash your potential, and remove all the limits!


“From modest beginnings as a foster caregiver who worked out of his home, to owner of multiple businesses—including a pristine 167-acre resort and spiritual renewal center—Greg is more than a theorist who wanted to write a book. He is a practitioner who is willing to share his secrets.”

Dr. Lance Wallnau


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